PREMIUM! Cat Sofa Scatcher Sisal Mat Sofa Furniture Protector Kucing Sofa Protect
Price RM14.90
Product SKU 沙发白色垫子
***Measurement: (S)20.5x30CM (L) 40.5x30CM***

〖Cat's Nature - Sharpen Their Claws〗: One of the natures of the cat is grinding claws. And cats love to scratch on this kind of mat, and they will enjoy in sharpening their claws easily with this practical sisal fibers. Cat scratch pads will move your cat's attention away from delicate materials and sharpen your pets nails in this new accessory.

〖Sofa and Furniture Protection〗: Do you want to protect your furniture as well as let your cats enjoy scratching? You can place sisal cat scratcher on the armrest of the sofas or armchair to protect your furniture. The furniture pads made from natural sisal (natural sisal is rich in fiber) and cotton and linen sofa fabrics. It is durable enough to reduce their claws' damage to your furniture.

〖Natural Sisal and Linen Fabric〗: Natural sisal is rich in fiber, fibrous cells are long structure, flexible, and anti-strong pull, abrasion and corrosion resistance feature. The natural sisal material of the cat scratcher couch is durable.

〖Easy to Install and Clean〗: Our sisal scratching mat is washable, you can flush it with water and it will be dry quickly, it is very easy to clean. You can place it on the armrest of the sofas or armchair to protect your furniture. If your sofa is detachable, you can lift the sofa cushion and put the end of the fabric under it. No drill or nails needed, you can have a quick installation without damaging your sofa, easy to disconnect and reusable.

〖Stylish Color to Decorate Your Sofa〗: The inconspicuous dark gray fabric cat sisal mat matches perfectly with the overall design of your furniture. And the dark grey fabric is not easy to get dirty.